L’école élémentaire de Li-bog

Ecole élémentaire de Li-bog

of Maasin City, Province of So. Leyte, Philippines

Lib-og Elementary School is a government school and a complete elementary school in the district of Maasin I of Maasin City Division. It offers classes from Kindergarten to Grade VI.

It was once a primary school in August 1998, but became a complete elementary in 2005. The school is managed and run by a school principal with 6 teachers under her management who are handling/teaching Kindergarten to the 6th grade classes. It has a population of more or less 200 schoolchildren and is 3.5 kilometers away from the city proper, and has a total land area of 2, 940 square meters.

Ecole élémentaire de Li-bogThe learners of this school belong to a poor family, since their parents are engaged in candle making and fishing as their means of livelihood. So, most of the time the school children skip schooling due to poverty and sometimes used as errands in household chores and in helping their parents for a living.

As of this time, the school is in need of a covered school stage which is of use among the learners and teachers during school activities and programs. Though the school is only a small school in terms of population and land area, it still shows up in terms of academic and extra-curricular competitions due to teachers’ commitment and dedication.

Ecole élémentaire de Li-bog Ecole élémentaire de Li-bog